Oh, the humanity!!!! This site is frequently changing; I am attempting to make a site different from the other "worst song" sites out there. Since there is so much awful music I have decided to break it into categories. There are the "death/dying" songs such as "Honey" or "Teen Angel",The Horror! then there are the "sappy drivel" tunes, such as "Sometimes When We Touch", "Feelings", or Marc Cohn's nauseating "True Companion". There are the "oddities" by impresarios like William Shatner or Lorne Greene (Canadian terrorists?), or the category that I refer to as "pure shit", which includes such horrors as "Copacabana" or "Achy Breaky Heart". One-hit wonders, and the fecal matter they left behind, include such nightmares as Chuck Mangione's "Feels So Good" or Gerardo's ridiculous "Rico Suave". Some of these atrocities defy classification, like Paul Anka's deplorable "Having My Baby", or The Little River Band's "Reminiscing". Some artists have so many dreadful offerings, that there may have to be "performer" categories, including such violators as Kenny G, Air Supply or Neil Sedaka. I am generally staying away from newer offerings like Clay Aiken, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, etc., since ninety percent of new music is pure crap and is known to be so before it's released. However, there are some newer artists that somehow get critical acclaim:  The Reason, by Hoobastank certainly is proof that a whiney, mawkish, sophomoric piece of drivel can still ascend the charts. James Blunt's astoundingly repugnant "You're Beautiful" was forced upon us a few years back and Nickelback is also doing their part to see that vapid, annoying music fills the airwaves. While on the subject of vapid music, I am also working on a new sub-site of hollow, lifeless music — not necessarily always bad  music, just that mollifying pablum that has seemingly always been around. With the onslaught of MTV, suddenly, songs by dullards like Huey Lewis or Eddie Money were inescapable; and who wants to rememeber the five-time Grammy® winner Christopher Cross and those horrible songs of his that were forced into our ears? In the mid-to-late eighties, Phil Collins, who was once a respected musician, churned out a seemingly endless flow of clichéd, boring crap on television and radio, and most of it coagulated as number one hits. Soon to come, a discourse on the merchants of musical mediocrity.