In the history of glamour photography, few women possessed the combination of beauty, grace and wholesomeness that Diane Webber did. It was more than just her ample bosom (which featured incredibly perfect nipples) and dream-like hourglass figure. She was truly beautiful, with fetching, blue eyes and an overwhelming smile. She was hypnotic, even if she weren't naked! Though only 5' 2", and very curvaceous (listed by Playboy, Feb. 1956 at 39D-23-37, though she was four months pregnant at the time), she always appeared svelte and statuesque, thanks to her ballet dancer's agility and toned figure. She was photographed by some of the most famous names in glamour and nude photography, including Bunny Yeager, Peter Gowland and Russ Meyer, and was Playboy Magazine's Playmate of the Month in May 1955 and February 1956. According to several sources, she is not only the first model to show her pubic hair in Playboy, but also the first to be shown in a full-frontal nude pose.
I have many more photos of her, but have not been able to locate them at present in my less-than-sophisticated data storage system. I will post larger ones of some of these below and more pages when I come across more. If you'd like to contribute any pictures of Ms. Webber, or know of a way to contact her, please contact me at the email address which appears in the graphic below the thumbnails.

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