Beard Kits Puppet Theater Components

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This piece was devised for a "Beard-themed" Art Challenge contest at a local hair salon. The background was done with inks and watercolors on illustration board. The other pieces were done on illustration board, multi-media paper, black drawing paper, and card-stock, using inks, watercolors, markers, and colored pencils. The "frame" of the blackboard was made with wooden stir-sticks. The puppets were made with multi-media paper and the joints are held together with different-colored, metal "mini-brads" and are moveable like traditional paper puppets. The puppets are reinforced with stir-sticks to prevent the paper from curling, and attached to wooden dowels, which are fixed into the base of the frame with small, wooden rosettes. The piece is in a wooden display-case frame with a glass front.